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About the Global Images Hologram Art Collection

A historically important collection of art holograms

The Global Images Hologram Art Collection has been put together over the past thirty five years.  

It is one of the finest privately owned collections of historically significant, early art holograms in the world today. The owner of the collection was heavily involved in the world of holography and personally knows many of the hologram artists.  


Eighty nine art holograms from thirty four different artists makes up the collection and it represents the early days of this exciting new art form.  


For a short 3 minute video overview of the collection, please play the video below.  For a longer five minute video overview; please click here


These early art holograms are the equivalent of early glass plate Victorian art photographs. Some of the early glass plate photographs are now worth hundreds of thousands of Dollars.

Hologram art "healing for broken hearts by Melissa Crenshaw from the Global Images collection

"Like any other purely visual medium, it is hard to describe a hologram in words.  And because holography is more than just a picture, it is hard to show it on a postcard.  Holography is so much more than just a 3-D image. It can display time, motion, fantastic colours; it can be interactive and is capable of capturing the qualities of light itself".  Patrick Boyd hologram artist


For a historical overview of the development of holography and some info about hologram art,

please see;


Video overview of the hologram art collection

A short 3 minute overview of some of the holograms and artists featured in the hologram collection.  For a longer 5 minute version featuring more of the holograms, please click here

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