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Margaret Benyon 
Hologram artist

Margaret Benyon hologram artist from the Global Images Hologram Art Collection

Initially a painter, Margaret Benyon began to make art holograms in 1968 when holography was available only to scientists. Her aim was to take holography out of the science lab, and to enlarge the boundaries of what was traditionally seen as fine art.


Long recognized as a leading creative holographic artist and currently listed in International "Who's Who". She has exhibited worldwide in countless exhibitions and is in the permanent collections of numerous public and private collections. In particular The Victoria & Albert Museum and The National Gallery of Australia.  


In recognition for her contribution to the arts, Margaret was awarded an MBE by Queen Elizabeth II


"The purpose of my work in holography has been to enlarge the boundaries of what is traditionally seen as fine art. The first phase of my work with holography (1968-1973) was an exploration of those properties unique to the medium. The second phase (1978-1981) was mytho-symbolic, holistic, cross-cultural. The third phase (1981 - 1993) used the human body exclusively, in a personal, almost therapeutic way, using a pulsed ruby laser. Current work (1993- ) explores the naturalisation of holography, and the development of a female aesthetic".  Margaret Benyon

A video of some of Margaret's work

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