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David Pizzanelli
Hologram artist

David Pizzanelli hologram artist from the Global Images Hologram Art Collection

David is a true pioneer of holography.  A UK hologram artist who co-founded one of the first hologram production companies in England (See 3 (Holograms) Ltd)


David is best known for his animated 3D stereograms made from sequences of photographs by Eadweard Muybridge.  These were made for his PhD thesis in Holography when he studied at the Royal College of Art in London. Shown in the Towards A Bigger Picture exhibition at the Tate Gallery Liverpool, one of David’s holograms is now in the permanent collection of the Victoria & Albert museum; David was invited to show the Muybridge holograms at the Museum for Holography and New Visual Mediums.  For a video about this work, please see;


David's PhD thesis was entitled "Aspects of Spatial and Temporal Parallax in Multiplex Holograms", a study based on appropriated images is about the largely over-looked aspects of three-dimensional imagery that exists in motion film and television called "Temporal Parallax" and how this form of parallax, via the medium of holography, can be converted into stereoscopic parallax.  


Since graduating from the RCA in 1994, David’s holograms have been shown in a number of exhibitions around the world including; the UK, Italy, Switzerland and Japan. 


David’s current work uses other media, including oil painting and lenticular imaging.


For more info about David and his art hologram, please see;

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