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Patrick Boyd
Hologram artist

Patrick Boyd hologram artist from the Global Images Hologram Art Collection

A UK artist who has pushed the boundaries of art holography.  Patrick studied at the Royal College of Art 1985-88, and graduated with an M.A. in Photography & Holography.  He is internationally recognised for his art holograms and has been exhibited world wide.


"I work at the intersection of photography, holography, art & science.  Combining all with installation and a unique graphic language.  I try to create imagery that is both compelling and emotive.


My works of meticulously created installations & captured sequences blur the boundaries between two & three dimensions.  I try to present a colourful world where real life, narrative, light & shadow connect & collide".  Patrick Boyd


Lucy in a Tin Hat by Patrick has been called the Mona Lisa of holographic art. While many holographic portraits exist, Lucy is a holographic art masterpiece. It's of excellent technical quality, while his artistic strategy and aesthetics combine to accomplish an outstanding exploitation of the holographic medium, achieving what other art forms cannot.

A video of some of Patrick's work

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