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Setsuko Ishii
Hologram artist

Setsuko Ishii hologram artist from the Global Images Hologram Art Collection

"Upon returning from Paris in the mid 1970s at the completion of my study of Fine Arts at L’École National Superieur Des Beaux-Arts, I began to feel that something was missing from brush and paint. I returned to the Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT), where I had previously studied Physics, in order to expand my technical knowledge in the field of holography. I found this relatively unknown art medium to be fascinating as I contemplated the possibilities of melding the arts with science. I was granted a fellowship in 1981 from the Japanese Government to train at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT where I was able to begin to bridge the gap through my work".  

Since completing my studies, I have focused on three main themes when creating my art: light and space, land and nature, and the human form and body. Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to exhibit many of my works of art"  Setsuko Ishii


Setsuko's aim is to enable viewers, "through the individual parts, to construct the whole viscerally...thus the progression through time and movement in a constructed space can elicit new ideas".


Her works have been exhibited to critical acclaim in more solo & group shows than virtually any other holographic artist.

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