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Mark Diamond
3D Expert 
Laser holographer

Mark Diamond 3D expert and Laser Holographer

Mark Diamond describes himself as a Laser Holographer, Stereographer, 3D Videographer, Photographer & Cinematographer

For more than 32 years, Mark Diamond has provided world-class holographic services for the design and creation of three - dimensional, animated, full color holograms.


He is best know for linking high technology laser holography with a deep commitment to setting creative and aesthetic standards of quality.


With works on exhibit in private and public collections in over 15 countries, Mark has spearheaded holographic projects circling the globe. 


”Dizzy” engages one instantly with it's dazzling visuals leaving the viewer elated.  One of the most popular holograms ever created, it has brought amazement and pleasure to everyone who has seen it.


For Mark's website please click here;


For further info about Mark and his work please click here to visit his blog 



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